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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Summer Reading Essay

Daisy- How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Ender- Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

When Daisy gets back from England, her step mom signs her up to go into space to be in the Alien Fighters Army. Daisy refuses to go but her step mom is an evil step mom so she lies to her husband and tell her that Daisy is going on a trip. Daisy’s father, of course, tells her to pack for her trip. Daisy packs up her stuff and walks out to the front yard, where a spaceship in waiting for her. She gets on to the loading dock and waves to her father.

“Good-bye, Dad. Since you don’t believe me, I’ll get going!!!!” yelled Daisy from the ship.

“See you when you get back,” yelled Daisy’s father. Daisy waves for the last time and walks away from the door.

As Daisy is leaving Earth, Ender is commanding all of the people who work for him. He is setting up new armies and planning new strategies to beat the buggers, if they ever come back to take over Earth. Ender is lonely in space with no one to share his glory with. He wishes that he had some one to be with, to love, to have a relationship with.

“Ender? Are you there?” asks Harold.

“Yes. What do you want?” responses Ender.

“The new recruits are here,” says Harold.

“Ok. I want to meet these new recruits,” says Ender

“Sure” Harold says as he leaves out the door with Ender

Daisy gets to the station, confused and interested by what she sees around her. One of the Officers tells her where she will be staying while 15 other people from the flight. She follows the light pattern the Officers told her to follow (purple, green, green). She notices that the luggage is carried on some sort of large hover board. She wonders why this kind of technology isn’t on Earth. After she gets into the room and gets settled in, everyone goes to the cafeteria to meet the Commander.

“What is for lunch?” asks Daisy

“Pizza, milk, peaches, and a pudding cup,” responses Patrick. Patrick is one of the new people Daisy has met aboard the station.

Ender walks out of his office to go meet the new recruits. Ender is only 16 years old so he is pretty young for a Commander. Most Commanders take command when they are 25-30 years of age so he’s really young. He gets to the cafeteria and stops at the door. He fixes his custom made suit before walking through the door.

“Hello everyone. I am Commander Ender. I am glad that all of you have decided to join us to fight the Buggers if they come back. Here on this Station you will learn how to defy gravity, shoot a laser, and fight Buggers.” Ender tells all of the new recruits. Ender goes off and talks to some of the Officers.

Ender looks at the new recruits and sees Daisy. He looks at her for a while but when she looks up and sees Ender looking at her she feels something rising in her heart. She doesn’t know what she’s feeling but she knows it’s a good feeling.

“Wow! Look at Commander Ender, he’s so young. I think he’s 16, the same age as most of us. Supposedly he’s a genius and that’s why he’s Commander,” exclaimed Daisy

“He is young, and I heard that he was a genius too,” replied Patrick

After lunch, Daisy and the other recruits go off to their classes. Although they are here for battle, they still get their needed education. Daisy has her new friend, Patrick, in all of her classes. All day during her classes Daisy was thinking about Commander Ender. She doesn’t know why she was thinking of him, she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. When it was time for bedtime, she finally thought of the reason why she couldn’t stop thinking of Commander Ender. She kept thinking about him because he reminder her a lot of Edward but at least Ender made something of his life and didn’t just sit at a window looking at flowers.

That night also, Ender couldn’t stop thinking about Daisy. He thought that she was very beautiful and graceful. The only problem about him liking Daisy is that she is a recruit and he is Commander. Everyone would think that it was weird that the Commander was dating a new recruit, but he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. He thought about how he’s only 16 years old and that he read that in Daisy’s profile, it said that she was 16 years old too. So he thought about how that wouldn’t be as weird because they are the same age.

The next day Daisy woke up when her alarm went off and she got dress for today’s activities. When she went to look at her desk she got a message from Commander Ender to come and meet him at his office. She reread it over 5 times making sure she read it right. Daisy was excited to talk to him but at the same time she was confused.

“Why does he want me to come to his office?” she thought to herself.

She opened up the door and walk down the hall to where Commander Ender’s office was. She knocked on the door and a voice from inside told her it was open, so she opened it and walked in.

“Hello Daisy. Please come in, sit down” says Ender. Daisy sits down in the chair next to her.

“Why did you call me her?” asked Daisy

“I wanted to talk to you about how you were in the war in England,” says Ender

“How did you know I was there?” questioned Daisy

“Well, our station has the most advanced technology in the world. So I know many things about almost everyone on this station,” responded Ender

“Ohh I didn’t know that,” says Daisy. When she looks at Ender she notices that he is wearing a tuxedo. She can’t believe that she is talking to Commander Ender.

“There is another reason why I called you down here. This might sound weird but since the moment I saw you I thought that you were beautiful and that I can’t stop thinking about you,” says Ender

“I can’t stop thinking about you either. You remind me of my cousin Edward and I also have all these feelings for you Commander Ender,” replies Daisy

Ender and Daisy stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Daisy leaned in and Ender leaned in and they romantically kissed. After they had kissed they talked some more about their lives and how much they have gone through. He told Daisy that he was only bored to become this great leader that would defeat the Buggers and one day become Commander. Daisy talked about her evil step mom and how many dead bodies she saw during the war when she was in England.

After a couple of months of being together they decided to leave the station and live together. After 3 years of living together they decided to get married and have children together. So they grew older together, raised their children, and stayed happy with each other.

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